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The gifts

If we totaled the value of the gold, frankincense and myrrh that we’re given to the infant jesus today they would be worth thousands.

According to the Hebrew Bible, frankincense and myrrh were components of the holy incense ritually burned in Jerusalem’s sacred temples during ancient times. Also frankincense and myrrh have medical uses as well.

No matter the value or it’s use, the gifts the Magi bought to the stable in Bethlehem were certainly out of place.


I find myself at this time of year, trying to work out how I can save money and do my best with our finances in the season.

I haven’t gone back to work, so we are living on one wage with a mortgage and it’s often stretched.

Despite this though, I feel really compelled to live generously, especially towards those who don’t have much this Christmas.

Its easy to be extravagant towards those you care the most about, but what about those you have never met.

These Kings had no idea whether the inkling they had that this random birth in a stable miles and miles away was truly the Saviour.

They took a punt, they had a go but most of all, they were generous.

I have found myself questioning how generous we can be this Christmas, however even if I got no gifts at all this year, I am the most blessed person alive.

The health of my family, the love of my friends and a safe place to call home.

Live generously this Christmas, especially to those who you will never meet.



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