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There is one character in the nativity story that emulates super hero-ness to the extreme.

One word.


In Hebrew Gabriel means ‘God is my strength’

In the thickening plot early on in the storyline Gabriel appears with darkened lighting, special effects, thunder and a white glow that stops a nation.

I often smile when I see little ballerina clad girls dressed up as angels.

Seriously have you read the book.

Strong men faint, villages reel, people are silenced, white with fear.

People were terrified.

Angels are not cherubs with fat bums and cute smiles.

Angels are fierce, they are huge, they evoke trembling.

And the finest of them all is the Angel Gabriel.

He (not she) appears early on to Mary and to Zachariah, predicting (foretelling) the importance of the impending births.

Each time he appeared he told both of them the names of their boys and he made a mark on who he audienced.

Some say Gabriel was also the angel who appeared to Joseph warning him to leave after the birth of Jesus and to escape to Egypt to protect his new family.

Lately I have been thinking about Angels a lot. Maybe the sense of fragility having a newborn around. One thing I am sure of though is my Max sees things that we don’t.

We go into some places and he is consumed with the roof. He stares off into spaces with such intensity and delight, I am sure he sees something that I don’t.

Angels are not fables.

They are strong, fierce, determined, god messengers, that protect our lives even today.

I think of them as my superhero invisible friends, that truly do roam around seeking people to protect and worshipping God.

Do you feel afraid?

Are you unsure of your future?

I believe Angels do exist.

The first mention of them in the nativity story is of the strong, fabulous one Gabriel.

I wonder what he’s doing right now?




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