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I received a Christmas card from England yesterday and it made me think fondly of its sender.

How many cards have you been given this year?

A few special ones like me or lots and lots of them from many acquaintances?

No matter how many cards we receive, many of them pray for peace this Christmas.

Peace in our hearts, peace in our homes and peace with God.

The sad truth is, we won’t receive peace across the globe this Christmas.

I have sat all day today reflecting on the funerals of the beautiful six year olds and their teachers who have passed away in the Connecticut tragedy.


Is it truly possible this Christmas?

The origins of the concept of peace at christmas comes from the Angels who spoke to the shepherds in the fields.

‘Glory to God in the highest and peace to those on earth.’

The true concept of peace at Christmas is actually founded in us finding peace with God.

That we would find the child Jesus and reflect upon his true nature and be at peace with Him.

The Angels brought good news to the shepherds encouraging them to make peace with the Saviour.

We are encouraged to do the same this Christmas.

Where are you at with God this year?

Are you at peace with Him?

Are you confused by Him?

Have you ignored Him?

Peace on earth this Christmas, can only be achieved if we make peace with God first and foremost.



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