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The donkey

This morning I watched my God daughter in her church nativity play and she was the donkey.

It cracked me up as I watched parents nervously pacing as their little sheep, stars, Joseph’s and Mary’s prepared for their starring role.

I was smiling because none of them knew the real star of the show was the donkey.

A little shy



She was brilliant.

She walked across the stage on her knees, she didn’t say a thing yet she was the star.

Apparently she tells me,

I was supposed to be the narrator Aunty Manda (insert her lead speaking role) but no one wanted to be the donkey. So I put my hand up and said I have a donkey costume and I’d prefer to be that anyway.

That’s why the donkey is my star.

No one else knew the back story, nor did they need too.

However this Christmas what if we were all the donkey?

You know the one who does the jobs that no one else wants too.

Taking out the rubbish
Doing the dishes
Speaking with the painful relative everyone ignores.

The donkey.

No one wants their claim to fame as being the donkey, but his role preceded the coming of the most wonderful day in all of history.

Everyone plays their part.

Even the donkey.



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