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finding my anchor…

My 10 week challenge is bombarded and challenged with one thing;


If I want change in my life, I have to change what I am doing?


I know it sounds so simple, but the reality of changing my daily habits is really difficult.

Today marks one week of the 10 week challenge and I can see the little cracks starting to form.

(the 10 week challenge:

A slip of a boundary here, an extra coffee there, another excuse that stops me from getting off the couch.

The reason why our health and daily health habits are difficult to maintain is they often link to deeper emotional habits that have solidified their weaknesses in our worlds.

My weight and my health routines have always played into my emotional states and my feelings of insecurity.

On the video below I am exploring the concept of change and how to Anchor myself in the midst of a storm. This video was a part of a project I am involved in called Kin Women:

Please send in your video’s for the capture project, I cant wait to listen to your story.

All my love

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