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I’m sure you have this all figured out, but for me the whole living healthy scenario is a constant pressure. I will start off well, then stumble at the first sight of cake.

So far I haven’t stumbled, but I know the day is coming and so I have accountability in place when my emotions take over control and I want to throw my goals out the window.

I am increasingly realising the slower my life’s pace is becoming, in pursuit of happiness and success I have relied on some unhealthy coping mechanisms to sustain that lifestyle.

It creeps up on you.

I am grateful, super grateful for this time of reflection that I have set apart, because I am realising that I have many ways that I coped that need to be changed.

How about you?

A main problem I have encountered is where I place my self worth. In whom and what I rely upon to nurture and anchor my soul.

I am realising that food has become a comfort in times of stress and uncertainty. I have always known this is one of my weaknesses, but I want to change this coping strategy and I want to live beyond its crutch.

I want to see food as a source, not a reward.

I want to nurture my weary heart with other good things, rather than an abundance of sugar.

So the 10 week challenge is pushing a lot of my buttons, but I am so grateful that I have a husband who listens, challenges and nurtures my heart to live beyond this.

How about you?

How do you nurture yourself?

I am learning.

In fact I feel in this season of my life that I am a baby all over again. So much to learn, so much to let go of.

Love that we are never to old to start again and change.

All my love



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