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don’t give up

All morning I have had on my heart, people who may be just about to give up. So I made a little video for you.

Even if this helps one person, it was worth the effort on this Mother’s day.

All my love


2 thoughts on “don’t give up

  1. Thank you Amanda- this is beautiful and made me cry. Every Mother’s Day for 10yeara plus has been so painful for me- desperately wanting to be a mum but knowing it would likely be impossible from a medical perspective, even when I finally did get married! Yet today actually I am celebrating Mother’s Day as a mum- our little miracle is 6 days old today! I would say to all those who hear your message to not to give up….. and I agree- don’t hide that maternal side of you- it’s there to be used even before you are a mum.
    Sending prayers and love to all those wanting to be mum who aren’t yet. And Ill be rememvering them every Mother’s Day in my prayers.

  2. Thanks so much for your encouragement Kate. Your story is inspiring and I have had private conversations with people who needed this affirmation. Medically I was told until I was about 25ish that I couldnt have kids so Mothers day was so painful. My first Mothers Day last year was the most amazing day, when I truly comprehended the change and the faithfulness of God.

    Cant wait to meet your little miracle.



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