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there is no miracle cure!

Amanda sums up her 10 week challenge experience and encourages her listeners to press in and make changes to those parts of your life that you struggle with.


Hard Work.


Are all words we don’t want to hear.

Comment below and tell us how you create disciplines in your everyday life.

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1 thought on “there is no miracle cure!

  1. I think most people can relate to this. Making appointments with yourself for exercise is the only way to go. It’s hard when your schedule changes every week because of your husband’s shifts, toddler’s demands and random nature of creative work. Having set blocks of time as appointments for your body are just as important as all the other things in your life. It’s not selfish as you need all the energy you can get to live the very full life you lead.

    It makes sense to choose activities that are sustainable and enjoyable for you as well. Making appointments with people to walk and talk instead of sitting may work for you.

    Be creative in your exercise routine and it will be sustainable. You don’t have to do a pump class if it’s not you.

    I go to a ladies gym class with only 6 women in it and the PT gives us all different activities because one size doesn’t fit all.

    I love it!

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