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Novice Crochet


Watch out.

What you are about to read is highly contagious.

It is addictive.

It has caused my husband to declare a crochet free night in our house.

I have had some conversations with friends recently who want to learn to crochet.

So I decided to encourage others in this sport so that I may be a little less granny.

There is something so therapeutic, about repetitively tying little knots that end is something special; a present for my friend, a crafty something for my house and creative inspirations that make me smile.


The way I learnt to crochet recently was through youtube. (when I was very young my nan taught me, but crochet became very uncool in high school) I buy most of my wool from Spotlight and am especially happy when it is on sale.

Here is one of the tutorials I learnt from:

I have recently made a couple of jumpers for Maximus and they are actually surprisingly easy. I promise. I made it available in my shop for free, you just go to my shop and download for free.

The original pattern is free from

If you are a beginner start with something simple like a plain scarf or a one coloured rug. Learn each of the stitches, single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet. Then you are off and racing.

Winter is the perfect time to begin to hibernate and create.

All my crafting love


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