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In our age of fast food, quick satisfaction, one click purchasing, it is easy for us to think that all things come fast and cheap.

Not so.

In fact the things that take the longest are those most savoured. Although mountain top experiences inspire us, it is through the valley’s that we truly learn what we are made of.

Lately I have found my life slowing down even further and I think I like it.

My ego doesn’t but my spirit and soul does.

Opportunities are coming my way lately that I am finding myself ruminating on. Wanting to say no, much more than yes. I find myself wondering if this is a great opportunity for my family, rather than just myself.

I have a new found respect for parenthood and the intensity of every decision when we are fostering foundations for the future.

A quick opportunity now, has the potential to leave devastating absence in the future for our children.

A hurried purchase now, may mean mortgage stress in the future.

A trip that was so easy and daring in a past life, now becomes more dangerous for a little person whose tagging along.

Life is not enjoyed by quick momentary decisions.

I think it is savoured by deep contemplation.

Ruminate with me.



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