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the art of worship

In the next few months I have lots of creative projects I am working on. From Conferences, to speaking engagements, to workshops, to producing a short film, running a fundraising concert for women in Africa and more.

In the midst of it all, I am most excited about creating opportunities for people to encounter inspiration in many different ways. In essence to experience a creative God, through beauty and glory that promotes Him.

I am the creative director for an upcoming conference that is all about encouraging and inspiring people in the creative industries to live out their dreams.

Its called SPARC; HAND MADE for faith and culture.


There are many parts of this conference that I am really excited about. I am producing a short film about the life of Phil Baker, the author and artist. Sheryn Hack from is a part of the project and Bryce Green former journalist from the ABC and current Program Director for 98.5fm is directing and helping produce the short film.

Another part of the conference that I am so looking forward to is hearing via live link from Mako Fujimura

Mako is an artist, writer, and speaker who is recognised worldwide as a cultural shaper.

I think our understanding of what worship is in contemporary culture must change. The quote below really challenged me this week. I believe creativity and culture has the capacity to be deeply affected by christians who are walking out their faith with depth and light. Worship is a lot more than music.

In fact there are very limited references to music being a form of worship in the new testament.
What is in your hand?

A paintbrush?
A pen?
A video recorder?
A computer?
A thought?
A song?
A poem?
A smile?
Use that to shine light. Use that to change and impact culture.

writings for winter

Interesting days.

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