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Another world

another worldCritics may call me idealistic but just as Arundhati Roy says I believe that another world is possible.

A world where people are treated equally, a world where women don’t compete with each other and tear each other down. A world that allows a child to be just that, yet transitions them into adulthood with clarity and purpose.

I do believe that a better day is present and available, but it is mostly inhibited by the way we think.

Our thoughts and our imagination not only shape our own destinies but those around us.

Have you ever been awakened to the reality that the reason those closest to you mimic your thoughts, is because your perspective is powerful.

Racism continues to thrive because we allow it to take root in our minds and conversations.

Judgementalism causes decay because in some little ways we think we are more worthy than another for our little piece of the pie.

Our minds and the positions we hold strongly in them about others, causes so much more than stagnation in our everyday.

We pass it on to those closest to us.

Our children are a product of our thoughts.

Are you seeing self deprecation and self loathing in your child?

Its very possible it was birthed from you.

Are you seeing pride and envy, jealousy and strife brewing in those closest? then it is very likely that your mind is battling with the very same thing.

The way we treat others in the private space, is the way our children learn to treat others also.

In my imagination though, I see a better day. I see a bright and beautiful day, I see a generation of people rising up who are not consumed with themselves, but with others.

Where their innovation and their creativity is used to better our society rather than their own facebook profile.

I see a better day.

I imagine it often.

How about you?


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