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seeking approval

Lately I have been quite concerned about the interactions of people on social media. I have watched a few different scenarios play out and I have been so ashamed of what people do in the name of creativity, purpose and self promotion.

I am currently working on a creative workshop which is called ‘Influencing Culture Creatively; the good, the bad and the ugly’

The ugly I am referring to is self promotion. Seeking others approval to validate and affirm ones own creative endeavours.

Unfortunately from a cycle of addiction point of view, our seeking of approval from a social media platform is reinforced daily by the culture it has created.

Even the language reinforces our desire for approval.

Someone likes your photo on instagram, someone likes your status on facebook, someone follows you on pinterest, someone becomes your friend at the click of a button and then defriends you as easily.

How much of your self worth do you gain from your social media interaction?

Do you believe your creative pursuits are validated by the amount of times you are liked?

I have been thinking about this all morning and I believe the best way to kill our creativity is to seek approval from others about its worth.

Johannes Kepler said ‘I much prefer the sharpest criticism of a single intelligent man to the thoughtless approval of the masses.’

This is true.

A deep, frank, honest conversation from someone who is safe and trustworthy is much more beneficial to our creative space, than a quick thoughtless like from hundreds of people.

Please don’t allow the quick consumeristic flattery of a social media platform to create an addictive cycle of approval of others.

Friendship and deep connection from a small circle of people who are for us, define our character and bring a depth of creativity that is revolutionary.

Seeking approval for our creativity is a one way street to isolation and disappointment.

Set your imagination free.

Speak soon


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  1. Just read this… Love it and have been thinking on this a lot this week when it comes to finding a healthy body and mind.
    xx <3

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