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The barrenness of busyness

I would prefer to live an intentional life than a busy one.

I see lots of collaborating, I see lots of coffee catch ups, I see lots of hurrying but the question is…

Are you actually intentionally building or producing anything?

Sometimes we can be so busy, that we don’t even stop to think whether our busyness is fulfilling someone else’s desires or our own.

It is easy to spend our days busily, stressed out on endeavors that are unfruitful.

Sometimes a day of rest, a sabbath space of reflection, with time alone can be the most fruitful part of your whole week.

As a creative when you write down a business plan, you reflect on your direction and why, when you write a task list and stick to it, when you make appointments with intention, you will create a scaffold to your week that brings much fulfillment.

If you listed what your did this week, how much of it was wasted and full of stressed out rushing?

How about saying no to some things so you can start saying yes to the life of your dreams?

Busyness can truly be a wasteland. One which I believe robs our souls of deep contribution to the legacy we are leaving on this earth.

Deep waters today.


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