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Creativity: the good, the bad, the ugly

human lifeTonight I am speaking to a group of creatives who have set aside a year to learn more about their craft and its impact on our world.

I love Ken Robinson, I have read all his books, I love his take on creativity and its impact on society. His quote featured here is so true.

We are all inherently creative.

My workshop tonight is titled;

Influencing Culture Creatively
the good, the bad and the ugly

The premise of my workshop comes out of this documentary and also my personal experience over many years of leading creative souls.

If you would like the notes from my workshop tonight, you can download the pushnotes app, from the app store or this website: and type in this code to download the notes: 13n7

I have seen and encountered much ugliness in the name of creativity.

I have endured many tantrums, many diva’s and much self promotion.

In my experience, when a creative person realises that they are a creative conduit, rather than a gift to the world, the amazing capacity for them to influence culture irrevocably is breathtaking.

I believe you were created by a creative God and your creativity was designed to reflect him and bring inspiration to those around you.

The good: I believe creative influencing is based in bringing inspiration to others so that they can live a life of inspiration ultimately meeting the creator of all things.

The bad: I believe is provoked when people try to seek validation from their creative pursuit to feel better or okay about themselves.

If your creativity is based in filling a deep void of self worth and esteem, you will end up living a very unfulfilled creative life, full of despair and darkness. Seeking praise and affirmation from others. A cycle of deep seeking, a thirst that will never be quenched because in the end flattery and peoples accolades can never fill that place of disconnect, because the motivation is toxic.

The ugly: I have found the ugliest creative endeavours are those that are based in self promotion and pride. When people are desperate to make their mark and leave a legacy which is full of greed and selfish pursuit. You can see it. Selfish art is egocentric. It is ugly. On the outside it looks so pretty, but it is shallow, it is full of pride and its all about the artist not the person who receives the expression.

You were created to reflect something far greater than yourself and when we lay down our own selfish ambition and pride and work together to bring a fresh perspective to others so that they may live an inspired life. That is truly a life that impacts and changes culture generationally.

Its a very fine line.

creative influence

One that is worth much study and pursuit in my opinion.

Live a large creative life friend.

However be careful about what motivates the intensity of this creative pursuit. I truly believe the proverb that says ‘Pride comes before a fall’.

I have seen it too many times.

All my love


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