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Somedays I am overwhelmed with perspective about how much is available to us in this day and age.

I was flicking through a website that profiled photos from history and this one stopped me in my tracks.


This photo was taken after a bookstore was bombed in war in 1940.


I was texting a friend today who was upset about something that had happened in her life and quickly I reminded her how truly blessed she is.


Books for us maybe so background, but for those who have no access to information they are a privilege.

What annoys us, others would give anything to have.

Last night I watched a program about a woman who went to extreme lengths to fall pregnant, yet others scream crazily at their kids not realising others would do anything just to hold one.


Sometimes it’s a photo, sometimes it’s a conversation, sometimes it’s a revelation.

We all need perspective sometimes.

That problem your facing may be a dream unrealized for someone else.

It’s all determined how we look at it.


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  1. so true – love it

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