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Weird ones unite


Dedicated to my friend from my year of wander.

The problem with fashion, as soon as everyone starts to wear it, its most likely to be out of vogue.

Fashion creates waves because it sets new trends and it takes a while to be accepted as the status quo.

As I flick through instagrams and watch blogs evolve, I am often perplexed at how many people copy what other people are doing and claim the right of setting a new trend.

The only way you can stand out from the crowd, is to accept that you are different from it.

If you think you are cool and have made it, I would like to prepose that you are probably not.

Who sets the standard of cool?

Who dictates what is fashionable or not?

Who judges a piece of creativity’s standard?

Often the crowd.

Problem is, as soon as the crowd accepts it, it is quite often sanitised and consumer shaped.

Which means it has lost its edge.

Which means that it is no longer fresh.

20130918-092655.jpgWeird is okay.

We grow up through highschool hoping no one will call us weird.

I have found if you want to be a culture creator or influencer, you need to totally come to terms with the fact that you are different.

How can you create something fresh if you are constantly trying to be like everyone else.

I am okay with my weirdness.

How about you?


3 thoughts on “Weird ones unite

  1. I am okay with my boots.

  2. Great thoughts. I love it. I’m weird too!

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