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she’s not your competition

shes not your competitionIn the world of creativity and even more so in motherhood I am overwhelmed at the amount of people that strive endlessly to compete with one another.

Who ever told you that they were your competition?

We were never designed to compete with each other, we were designed to find our own patch and make it thrive.

Comparison, competition and bitchy behaviour (yes I said it) is so rife in the instgram, mummy- blogging online world.

Why compare?

Why not just find your unique, celebrate and encourage another and run with it.

I am not interested in bringing others down so I can feel better about myself.

Competition is not healthy.

I think competition is terribly destructive.

Two of my greatest friends, who I worked with for over a decade, published a book recently called ‘She’s not your competition.’ I posted this today, because I am preparing to speak at a single women’s event tomorrow with Penny. My message is called ‘She is kind’ and Penny’s message is called ‘She is brilliant’.

We started a women’s network around this time last year called Kinwomen. It is completely flourishing, because at its core it is all about women celebrating one another, rather than pulling each other down.

They are the two fabulous women who mentored and lead me for so many years. They have always released me and championed me, never showed any signs of being threatened by my ideas or my creativity.

Their book is for sale now on my website. For no other reason than I think its great. I’m not making money from it, I just want everyone to live a more released life competition and comparison free.

Join the kinwomen conversation today.

I think Penny and Kelley are fantastic and I am a better woman today because of the way they made a way for me to flourish.

Do you live your life comparing yourself with others?

Are you constantly wanting to pull others down and compete endlessly?

Through instagram/ pinterest/ facebook/ blogs or in real life?

Then maybe its time to stop and face the reality that it is super destructive.

She is not your competition.



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