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20131008-112811.jpg I crave routine.

We all crave routine.

Our earth is imbued with routine.

Each day the night cloaks our day with darkness and every morning the sun awakes with the dawn.

Each spring, flowers blossom and every autumn the trees shed their leaf clothes.

As I sit and watch the wildlife in my little seaside town, I am aware of their daily routine as well.

The willy wagtails that squark waiting for dusk to envelope them and the pelicans that fly in formation towards their island home.

We were created for routine. If you are routine less, it is very likely that you will feel creatively unsatisfied.

Creative routines however can become stale and unforgiving quickly.

I find a regular recalibration of our routines is very important.

I believe a seasonal recalibration is helpful.

Yesterday I sat and reflected on mine.

I instituted a phone black out from 7pm in the evening, a 10pm bedtime, a 7am wake up time, a 8am exercise slot.

Simple diary appointments that create a scaffold to my mental, emotional and spiritual health.

How is your routine?

What area this spring needs a calibration?

Reflect with me.



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