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walking with the wind


This morning, after a massive event last night, the very last thing I felt like doing was exercise. You know that dead weight, I can’t even lift my coffee feeling. The feeling where your eyes roll at the thought and even then the energy to roll your eyes is too much.

That was me today.

Then I remembered…

I promised myself, I even wrote it in permanent marker on my mirror in my bedroom, ‘exercise everyday’.

Every, means no matter how I am feeling, I need to do something exercise-y each and every day.

As I got outside after gulping my coffee down, I realised it was crazy windy. Like a tornado was about to whip down the beach cray cray.

Yes, I can go back inside but something in me beaconed to take a chance and walk into the windy force field.

As I walked it was intensely difficult walking against the wind. As I pushed myself, I felt like all the cobwebs that had formed in the night (whilst I slept) were being blown away. There was something so tangible about being outside and then it happened, I started to dream. It was like a live awake kind of dream, but it was so real.

I dreamed about potential for this next season, I dreamed about possibilities that would make all the little fires I have burning at the moment more do-able. I found answers to questions that I had been baffled by. I got lost, I turned down a over grown path, that I never venture upon and then I turned onto the beach.

The beach was wild.

As I walked against the wind I got an impression of what my life lately has been like.

It is like I have been walking against the wind. I haven’t done anything wrong, I have just been trying to swim upstream and make my life something that is not necessarily the season that I am in.

Have you been there?

Without even realising you are trying to walk backwards and it is just so devastatingly hard?

Do you feel like everything you are doing at the moment is walking against fierce opposition and resistance?

I believe there are seasons that we are challenged and stretched by the season and the opportunities that we are meant to take, but they only make us stronger.

Then there are days that we just need to turn around and walk with the wind.

As I was thinking about this revelation this morning, I turned around and walked with the wind and it’s like I was picked up off the beach and carried all the way home.

I realised in someways, I have been trying to recreate some old seasons and I have been walking against the wind but it is a new day and I need to walk where the wind is blowing.

What is easy, simple and peaceful in your world?

Not just easy and simple… Easy, simple and peaceful.

I would say that is the way the wind is blowing.

What is stressful, overwhelming and chaotic…(aside from our lovely kids, they are this everyday)

I mean in your heart, dreams, purpose, vision sense? Then I would also prepose that maybe you are walking against the wind.

This season why don’t you develop your strengths rather than beat yourself up over your weaknesses?

Does that mean I think we don’t need any resistance in our lives?

No I had a lot of resistance in going out for my walk, and if I hadn’t have made the time to walk against the wind, I wouldn’t have found this moment of inspiration.

Today I am looking for where the wind is blowing in my life and I am going to try walking that way. Even if it clearly takes me to a whole new season, I think it’s about time I embraced it rather than continually keep walking against the wind.

Not every season is meant to be so hard.

Walk where the spirit blows, my dear friend.

Walk with the wind.



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