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Somedays we feel like we have all the time in the world and then suddenly we are shocked by the clock and finiteness.

We flew through Sydney this week for one day. Twenty four little hours and we chose to hang out with our friends. Max and Judah who are born two weeks apart ripped their shirts off in a cafe and did only what boys can do well; explored.

Moments captured.

Moments enjoyed.

My friend from Ireland posted this yesterday and it got me really thinking


Are we truly aware of the moments that pass us daily?

Are we present to those who are around us who will not be always there?

This week I have also spent time with friends who I only get to see briefly when I am in New Zealand but they are the deepest of friends with whom we share such fond memories.

We have cried, laughed and sat silent with each other this week soaking in moments that seem all too fleeting in this stage of our lives.

This Christmas do not take time for granted. Although some moments drag and others speed along unnoticed, take time to embrace every moment with those who you love.

I have become so much more aware of the fragility of life lately and I am making it my mission to celebrate with those I love every moment I have.

Christmas is not just about money and food and presents.

It’s about time.

The time we take to breathe in our loved ones and breathe out our thankful hearts at their presence in our lives.


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