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day one: martha

20131120-083322.jpgAll those New Years celebrations I spent wistfully in the corner imaging what life with my own little family would be like, were far from the reality of my hours spent seeing 2014 in last night.

It started off so perfectly, best friends gathering, BBQ’s and yummy food awaiting.

Great conversation.

Sublime Music.

A windy, sultry, night at our beach shack with the ones we love.

My little man Maximus, went to bed quietly after sneaking a couple of chocolates that are usually off limits.

The sake bottle was opened, Double Brie cheese started to disappear, the night was settling in to be great.

Then the wheels started to fall off. A little yelp from a bedroom down the back of our shack and I went to check on my little man. He wasn’t feeling great, a high temperature, very unsettled and then I started feeling unwell also.

Our friends continued to party and as I held my little man, a massive explosion of vomit went everywhere, I mean everywhere, in my hair, in my bed, all over my New Years outfit, pillows, rugs and I’d sure you can imagine the rest.

Oh 2014, I heard my friends wishing each other Happy New Year, the bell tolled the turning of another year and I was cleaning up a massive mess.

Honestly I am laughing out loud. I dreamed so often of having a family and a husband and doing life simply with them.

I think we have these high romantic notions of what our future dreams are going to be like, but the reality is, living the life of our dreams is actually really hard work.

We can dream, explore and come up with all our notions of goals and set great expectations for the year to come, but are you willing to get dirty to make these dreams reality.


To pour salt into my already vulnerable wounds (smile), my mum gallantly arrived this morning with her annual shoe box full of patron saints. Each year we choose a saint for the New Year and my mum loves this tradition dearly.

Guess who my saint for 2014 is?

Saint Martha.

(each day of 2014 I have committed to doing a visual journal, this is my entry from day one.)

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Martha. Yes the one that the saying ‘Don’t be a Martha’ comes from!

She is well known to be a woman of hard work and substance.

Today four loads of washing later, the aftermath of our little dinner party and the usual breakfast shenanigans of a nearly two year old my heart is happy.

I am smiling as I lean into this year knowing for me to achieve the things I desire of this year, it is going to take hard work, discipline and sheer determination.

Oh Martha, the patron saint of ‘Housewives’, please help me.

So funny.

Here we go 2014.

Here comes the hard work.


Ps- I have been so overwhelmed at all the images coming in from all over the world of people doing their reflection pages, if you would like to join us: There are two opportunities.

1) Choose to do one small thing every day for 2014 this is called #inspire14

2) Do these reflection pages and lean into this new year with gratitude.

Happy New Year!

8 thoughts on “day one: martha

  1. How funny. Life rarely turns out as we expect with kids does it? Love that your patron saint is Martha – patron saint of housewives hey, think she might be my patron saint this year too! xx

    1. We can be Martha’s together Jodie! Ha bring on 14 I say

  2. Oh I love this Amanda so so so true about these romantic ideas of being a momma, I know all my life I wanted 4 kids this beautiful big family all sitting around the Christmas table “one day” God has blessed me with two beautiful boys and boy is it hard work!! So rewarding, so challenging, so draining and so worth it, with that said I’m thinking two is a pretty good number but am left with the feeling of failure that I couldn’t go on to have 4 because it’s just that hard and perhaps I’m just that selfish and that’s why I find it so hard… Upon hearing your reflection it lets me know I’m not alone in the labour of love journey and that puts a smile on my face Happy 2014 keep up the good work I look forward to doing a reflection page everyday for my blog followers so thanks again 🙂 God bless you!

    1. Hello Deseree,

      How funny is the difference between our dreams and reality.

      Being a mumma is the most rewarding and most draining thing I’ve ever done.

      Hope 2014 is everything you hope it can be!



  3. funny story Amps! there is nothing like motherhood to bring us down to earth hey! I was thinking back yesterday to all the NYE parties at your place in leederville during our single years… They were great times! I also think we’ll look back on these years as some of the best! Big pile of dishes and washing here today too. Martha’s together!!

    1. Bridget, oh those days have def gone far, far away! So funny.

      Been a very homey day today here too!

  4. What an inspiration you are Amanda! x

    1. You inspire me Melita, what a beautiful new year for you! Such promises.

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