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Every Evening


Every Evening before my eyes slowly, giddily start to shut I try to read something.


Even if it is just one line from my old and rifled bible. (currently loving Matthew)

A few sentences from a non-fiction that has caught my attention. (currently weaving through the hands free mama)

A flick through my latest novel and even sometimes just a sniff of my latest borrow from my local library. (I borrowed Let it snow from a friend and have The Gift partially read and The Longest Ride waiting)

Since embarking on novice motherhood and marriage the greatest loss in my life has been hours of uninterrupted book obsession. I can’t sit for hours in a cafe, I can’t lay on the couch and get lost in an-others world.

I can every evening, before my tired and weary body starts to fade, turn the television off and read something.

shack one

shack two

shack three

Even just one line.

I read a quote recently that said this

‘Any writer who doesn’t read, cannot be a writer indeed.’


So tonight, even though I have been awake since 3.30am when Miss four months thought the sun was up and so I am.

The very last thing I will do is seek wisdom from someone else.




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Live Bright

Living Bright

live bright

The day my husband bought home my all time favourite chair is one I’d rather forget. He drove his car up to the front door, after a long day at work to find his eight month pregnant wife less than impressed. He hauled a large white chair, a practical monstrosity from his car with a giddy smile on his face.

He’d gone rogue to surprise me with a leather feeding chair, (you know those ones that look like they were made for pensioners who watch daytime television) and my face creased slightly as I tried to fake a smile.

My poor Mr, so desperate to help in this season of vulnerability, was so confused by my reaction. You see when it comes to furniture in our little seaside shack, I’m much more akin to road side treasures, pre-loved, worn furniture with aged foam memories.

Play the movie forward nearly three years later and those furniture memories have been etched into my favourite chair and it is more like a hugging, comforting friend than a piece of wood and leather.

It may not look fancy or fit in with the rest of our furniture family but this chair holds precious moments in its creases as it stately sits in our corner. Like the time my newborn baby boy came home from the hospital, all crinkly, little and cranky. Or the time that my ninety year old Grandmother held her newest great-granddaughter, her namesake.

I remember the moment I watched my husband place his son on his bare chest, intent on forming a bond that was unbreakable and those painful moments when I tried desperately to stay calm whilst rocking a screaming little human in the dull hours of the morning.

This chair has been my partner in crochet crime, my crucible of long whispered prayers and my resting place after days of seeking out wisdom in novice motherhood.

It makes me think what kind of person this chair might be if it came alive with blood and water running through its veins.

I think it would be a She. With a capital S.






I think my leather feeding chair, with a small ripped edge, would be granted the fairest and best award for steadiness in the midst of a crazy few years. My little white friend, who sits quietly in the corner, ever faithful, waiting to provide me comfort as the wash of winter fades.

Although it is not that pretty, it stands bright and beautiful in my corner, living strong and not asking for any attention.

She lives bright.

She doesn’t call out and say look at me everyone, I’m an awesome piece.

She just does her job, provides comfort and is completely sure in what she was designed for.

There is something to be said for our old faithfuls.

Just like that pair of knickers that stays put, free from lace and frill, those jeans that fit freely and the mug that holds its warmth of tea just a little longer as we run around filling our families needs.

Living bright, doesn’t necessarily mean calling attention to ourselves. I think it is simply living with a self-assurance of what we were created for. A deep understanding that we were created with purpose and when we are true to that essence, we become our families favourite hiding place and strong tower in the midst of troubled times.

Shine bright this Christmas my dear friends.

Not with loud words and extravagant expressions, calling attention to our needs, but by being steady, brave and true.

Some random thoughts today from a piece of furniture that wasn’t initially welcomed into our house, but will be sorely missed when the time comes to re-home her in the coming years.






I am taking part in a December Memory capturing journey. Join me and decide to do something creative next year by hash tagging #inspire15


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I see you.

i see you 4

i see you 2

Late night inter-web scrolling left me feeling a little numb last night.

I remembered this morning though, reading another parenting article which shamed me (sorry), encouraged me with three things I have to say to my child everyday, for them to be a good human.

One of which was this ‘I see you.’

What an unusual thought.

I see you.

Of course I see him. Of course I see her.

They are both in my face every waking moment and sometimes moments when I am sleep walking around as well.

These words kind of echoed and made a memory in my heart, so I have been musing over them all morning.

Today marks the first of December and I am attempting to finish the year well, by using these writing prompts to capture moments and create lasting memories with my littles.

Describe a moment from today that you want to always remember?

There are many already and it is only 8.58am.

The moment when he tasted chocolate from his first advent calendar and then proceeded to have a major melt down because he wanted number six now as well.

The deep breath she took as she floated off into her morning sleep, snuggled perfectly under the pink blanket, so soft and all-consuming.

The moment I stood in the shower, washing away the weariness of the early, early morning, feeding, playing, changing, mummy-ing, convincing, face-timing, train building, kissing, goodby-ing and texting my dearest ones.

When I found the words ‘I see you’ tumbling out of my mouth to a tantruming two-year old, who was frustrated as my attention was distracted by his newborn sister.

Everyday, Ordinary Moments, that I will one day wish back again.

Memories of a very first Christmas,

Longings for Michael Bublé playing carols over breakfast,

Moments of beauty amongst ruins…

This morning before 9am, I have contacted a friend who was holding her husbands ashes as she decides where they may rest, a friend who is away with her husband’s family as they grieve the loss of their sister, chatted over text with a friend whose birthday it is today, someone who broke up with a boyfriend last night, read an email from an older friend who lost her husband a month ago, who received the crocheted blanket I sent her. Everyday stories, that required acknowledgement and memory making.

The stories go on and on, and they linger longer.

Everyday moments, when people share their stories.

‘I see you.’

I see you friend who is hoping for a Christmas miracle,

I see you Mum who is tired from a night of broken sleep and restless baby,

I see you beautiful woman who is contemplating divorcing her husband,

I see you.

Every one of these stories is present today in my everyday moments.

Memories I don’t want to forget.

Memories, mixed with opportunities to acknowledge the stories of hurting people, hidden in everyday moments, awaiting discovery.

Seeing someone is as simple as acknowledging them in your life.

I see you this Christmas, even when you would rather forget these everyday, ordinary moments this December.






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finishing the year well

capture life one

capture life two

The wash of a year like this is starting to take its toll.

Even though I failed in my mission this year to draw in my diary everyday, I have such a sense of purpose about the coming months.

I was flicking through instagram this week and stumbled across a writing challenge for the month of December that inspired me.

The company is called Life Captured Inc and it is adorable.

When I began this blog in 2005, it was all about capturing everyday moments and documenting them. These guys take it to a whole new amazing level.

I want to finish this year well, so December come at me. Join me and the amazing creatives at Life Captured Inc and use these writing prompts to journal and remember well this Christmas.

This morning, I had a little moment.

A creative avalanche.

I cut up some of my husbands old T-shirts and made some cool onesie PJ’s for my Maximus.

capture life 4

Creativity is honestly endless.

Never give up an opportunity to just have a go. I just grabbed some old T-shirts, put some pants and a top together as a pattern and just dove in.

Fear is the greatest hindrance to our opportunity.

Opportunities to repurpose and recreate, bring beauty from old and make our little worlds more colourful and fabulous.

Join me this December and capture those moments awaiting discovery.

Everyday, Ordinary moments.






Ps; I have only two more spots left for my Creative New Year Retreats. If you are thinking of booking, get in and do it today.

PPS; I sent my manuscript to a publisher. Gah!

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Failure and beginning again


failure 2

At the beginning of 2014 I set myself a goal. My goal was to draw in this journal every day of this year.

Many things happened this year.

My Mr made a rule that our family was not to travel anywhere outside of Western Australia. Which for the wanderlust obsessed is a big but necessary call.

We gave birth to most delightful baby girl.

I started writing a book about being over 25 and single.

Two blogs combined and helped a lady living on the streets in Greece find a home.

I considered giving up on social media.

and so much more that was never documented anywhere.

I keep looking at my journal and each time I am a little sad at the thought of my failure.

At the same time though, I am bursting with inspiration about new little happenings that are stirring in my heart and mind.

If we don’t fail, we don’t have the capacity to begin again and it is doing so that we keep becoming that which I believe we were created to be.

Failure may be embarrassing, but I would prefer to live a life of having a go, than one that sits on the sidelines commentating.

Here I find myself at the edge of a new year season and I am so excited about the challenges and commitments I want to make again for 2015.

I am offering one day guided creative retreats for people in Perth.

A one on one experience, where you have the opportunity to take time out at the beginning of the year to reflect and decide to make changes in specific areas of your life.

If you want change, you need help and accountability.

That is what these retreats are all about. Click the photo below for more information;

Creative Retreat

My failures, might help others succeed.

Every day.

Every season.

Ever learning.

Bring on 2015, I say.

PS- don’t forget to subscribe to my blog on the front page to receive your free code for Capture 30 merry days.