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Not all who wander are lost


Today my post is dedicated to one of the bravest women I know.

Someone who has overcome so many obstacles, remained her own unique self and grown significantly over the last year.

About a year and a few months ago she decided to not drink alcohol for a year, write everyday for a year and to stay single for that year also. Knowing where she came from this was no mean feat.

Through the highs and the lows, she made the most amazing decision to go to Florida this year and work with an aid agency in a voluntary capacity in the creative arts. She has now been there for just over a week and I felt like needed a little online support and encouragement.

Here is a little something she wrote about when we first met a few years ago. Not all who wander

Also this is her video done as a part of my capture project last year.

This little shout out, is to everyone who is living big dreams. Taking massive risks to live beyond their yesterday.

Even though some people in your world may be puzzled at the decisions you are making, continue to live beyond today, making choices for a better tomorrow.

Beth I think you are amazing.

You know that.

But now lots of other people do as well.

Follow her Florida YWAM journey here: Not all who wander 

And if you want to help her out financially for the creative outreach trips later in the year, email me and I can get the money transferred to her.

She is boss.

She is raw.

She is going to change the world.



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