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Learning to trust


I spent part of my day today in cafés with friends. In moments of quiet whilst waiting for new friends to arrive I found myself thinking about trust.

Trust in God for his help in circumstance.

Trust in people and their parts in my future.

Trust in myself that I can learn to trust again.

Some of our thoughts become so overwhelming in the moment but honestly they are thoughts that won’t even make a difference in one years time.

We will forget the shallow words, we will forget the offense, we will forget the frustrations.

There are other thoughts like my series of thoughts today, that have the potential to change what my tomorrow looks like.

Thoughts of trust. When I trust again.

They change your tomorrow.

Thoughts of bravery, when I begin again.

Thoughts of surrender to God and trust his will and purpose in my life.

What fills your thoughts today?


Thoughts that you won’t even remember in a years time?

Or decisions and thoughts that will change your future?


1 thought on “Learning to trust

  1. Perspective is a wonderful thing. In the moment it seems like everything, but time and perspective can make things better. You are brave. xx

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