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Learning to love the weeds


Somedays are so full of weeds you don’t even know where to start to pull them out and clear your mind.

Although weeds are messy and they are often unwanted. It’s those little niggly things that can make you stop and appreciate the flowers in your world.

Being grateful in times of growth and challenge has every potential to change the way you see your circumstance.

When you feel overwhelmed at a situation. You feel unheard, you feel misjudged, you feel put down, you feel misrepresented, those times where the weeds are exposed, have the potential to truly change your perspective on your everyday.

Grateful for the little things, the beautiful simple flowers that are unnoticed until times of challenge come.

Weeds are flowers too once you get to know them A.A. Milne

If you’ve had a hard day, don’t worry so have I, my day however has caused me to reflect on the beauty that is in my everyday life and take time to love the weeds, because they bring attention to that which is unattended.

Tomorrow is a new day.



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