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I have been thinking a lot the last few days on why I’m doing this blog.

Why I’m drawing each day and posting from my visual diary.

Why I want to inspire people?

I’ve been learning so much on this journey and my motive is in no way to make money or create a business.

I just want to live inspired and therefore inspire others to do so as well.

My blog is imperfect.

My drawings aren’t that great.

In terms of the worlds success model and standards I’m not producing world changing content.

So why?

Why, stay up late after my Mr and my Max have gone to sleep typing and thinking about what to write?

Why, take time from producing and making creative pursuits for gifts and friends?


I think in the midst of being made aware of your imperfections, it is a natural process of thinking, that we come to a place of why bother.

I started #inspire14 this year, because I know every time I start something and try to do it often, the tyranny of the urgent takes over.

I know in my own life, when I commit to something creative and there is accountability attached, then I am more likely to follow through.

The reason why for me?

When I do something consistently for myself and others are a part of the journey, I overcome all sorts of internal dialogues that want to tell me I am crap!

The achievement of doing something simple for other people every single day empowers me towards living a more whole life.

Essentially when I produce (even something not that brilliant) I feel more empowered.

When I feel more empowered my family feels more safe.

When my family is feeling more safe, we impact and inspire other friends to feel the same.

It is good.

It is contagious.

Living an inspired life is an empowered one that helps and spreads goodness to others.

So nice to rediscover my why.

I could have easily given up yesterday, feeling naive in my imperfection and lack of knowledge in the ‘business of all things blogging!’

But I came back to my why.

There is too much negativity and discouragement out there.

I want to spread some goodness.




9 thoughts on “Good

  1. Keep spreading the goodness! It’s positively impacted me this year 🙂 from one mother of a gorgeous max to another – thank you X

    1. Thanks so much, I so appreciate your comments and time. Your sewing is looking great.

      1. I not just realized you had commented back on my comments. Thank you. Is there a way to be notified of comments?

        1. I am not sure Chelsea, I thought it emailed through, but I’m hopeless at the finer details on here. Thanks so much for your encouragement and participation in discussions. All my love Amanda

  2. Wow, THIS is amazing x thank you!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, made my night! Smile.

      1. Oh seriously Amanda, this entry is being printed out and stuck on my wall, ha! I am not much of a blog follower, but now, I’m hooked 🙂 Thank you for your encouragement & insights – it’s awesome x

        1. Honestly Im not a huge blog follower either. I just don’t have time. This blog is my therapy. Thanks so much. Have a great week. Amanda

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