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The struggle is part of the story


I have just got news this afternoon that one of my favourites is in surgery tonight after an accident at work. My heart and mind are so for her surgery and a great report coming back from the hospital.

We only saw each other on Friday night at our connect group and were so excited about new possibilities this year.

Way before this report came in this afternoon, my heart has been reflecting around this thought all day. I can’t stop thinking about it.

The struggle is part of the story.

I hate it when terrible things happen to people I love.

I despise suffering and loss.

I am mourned by the challenge of everyday life for my dearest friends.

But I also know when adversity is thrown at humankind, there is a tenacity that brings strength that nothing else can.

Human spirit rises.

People are changed in the challenge.

Adversity overcomes.

When life throws terrible seasons at us, times of grief, times of sickness, times of trouble…It is so easy to focus on the struggle and forget the forming it brings in this season of our lives.

I don’t think grief and sorrow and pain are a lesson or are fun or purposed.


I just know that in the midst of the struggle it changes us.

We become.

The struggle becomes part of the story.

If you are in a place of struggle right now.

Allow the struggle to form a new story. A great story. One of victory and release.

Find a way through the struggle to a place of peace and restoration.

Embrace the wrestle and let it change you for the better.

Find your story.

Praying for so many people at the moment.

Love always


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