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my muse

beanie twoWhen people say I am obsessed with crochet, it cracks me up.

Yes I am an addict, but for a very different reason than what you would expect.

It is my muse.

I don’t walk into a room with crocheted things and swoon. For me, crochet is a form of meditation. One could say it is my creative thinking, melting, stirring pot.

My solo brainstorming session.

The team of creatives in my head get together and have a meeting, whilst my fingers twist.

I dream.

I think.

I forgive.

I let go.

I design.

I innovate.

It is a mindless activity that recreates possibility and inspires me onwards.

What is a mindless activity that helps you create?

We all need a muse. Mine is all about homemade goodness.

I love all things homemade. I am not fierce about it. Where I shame others into partaking in my pleasures.

But all things home made make me feel homey.

This is what I have been playing around with creatively this week:

A new beanie for Max: the pattern is found here

maxi moo

A new hoodie for max as well, with the chunkiest wool I could find: pattern here.

looking upsee sawhelicopters

I learnt a new stitch whilst making the beanie above, so I have started a rug for a friend that I promised over a year ago and also I have been making my own cream cheese from scratch: find the recipe here.

homemade cream cheese

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  1. love this – I think my muse is cooking. The reflective time while stirring a pot of risotto with a glass of wine in hand. The gentle hum of the beaters whilst I prepare the next stage of the cake. This morning I have been peeling apples, coring and chopping them, and thinking through the day while the girls play happily.

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