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mindful in may

the quieter you become

If you are a regular around here, you would know I am not often short of something to say.

Today is the first of May and my goal is to meditate for at least 5 mins a day for the whole month ‘Mindful in May’.

I tried meditating with my husband a couple of nights ago and he fell asleep in the first 5 mins, snoring and all.

(Secretly I had a massive smile and it made my night.)

One of my main pursuits in this goal, is to become a more calm parent and therefore leader, friend, wife, daughter…the list goes on.

I want to be slower in my responses, I want to take time to truly hear, I want to be ready to have two children running around me in the next few months…

A friend sent me a prayer and a blessing months ago and this morning as I was emptying out my inbox (at the start of my May mind detox), I found it and I stopped and meditated upon the words.


‘Providing God, I easily doubt that you’ll provide whatever I need for body and soul, and I can’t imagine how the adversity you send my way could be turned to good. Help me let go of my need to control and instead entrust my life and future to your care. Keep me fully aware that you have the power to provide because you are almighty God, and the heart to do so because you are my faithful Father.’


show me your ways

My intention this May is to slow my mind, fill it with good and gracious thoughts and to bring life into any conversation that I am a part of.

Creatively, I know when I am emptied of myself, there is so much more room for the new to arise.

When I am thinking less about myself and more about others, I am enabled to see new and wondrous things.

When I am calm and I respond rather than react to situations, my family and friends are empowered to feel safe and trust me.

Day one.

Mindful in May.

Join me.

Speak tomorrow



2 thoughts on “mindful in may

  1. I Love this Amanda. Today is my day to get errands and housework done. To be at home. No work. No children. I was rushing like mad trying to get as much done as I could and it want until I was doing the dishes and I realised my breathing was rapid and I was a little but shaky – that I finally allowed my sled to slow, to speak to God in the stillness and to clear my mind to listen to him. I closed my eyes and left my hands in the warm water for about 5 or so minutes. My breathing slowed. I noticed the warmth of the water. I slowed my actions, I relaxed, I opened my eyes and saw the blue skies, felt the warmth if the sun on my skin and heard te skid of birds chatting. My day changed because I slowed for 5 mins. Reading your blog has confirmed to me the need to slow. Next week I have the privilege of going in a retreat for 2 nights. I can’t wait. When we slow we hear. I want to hear him more – more clearly, more often. Love this blog Amanda.

    1. Thanks so much Chelsea. I appreciate you.

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