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Everyday Ordinary

everyday ordinary

What’s your everyday ordinary?

Hanging the washing out…

The dishes left over from last nights dinner…

Walking to the post office for your day job…

Folding the jocks and socks…

Making breakfast…

Every day.


Those moments when no one else sees you.

When you are by yourself.

When your thoughts overtake the moment.

Those moments of unconscious streams of words, accusations, ideas, worries, anxieties…

Moments of seemingly nothingness, that you won’t remember tomorrow.

Who are you in those moments?

What bombards you?

What overwhelms you?

What defines you?

These are the moments that are your catalogue of thoughts that design the big moments.

We don’t pay much attention to these moments, but it is your everyday ordinary that make up the substance of your life.

It is not the big days, the day you were married, the day you were divorced, the day you gave birth, the day you lost your job.

Those moments do not define your future.

They may change your direction, but they do not colour in between the lines.


that builds your life.

Every single day

Every ordinary one

Can be made extraordinary if we consciously change the tone of our thoughts, actions and words.


Speak tomorrow


(I am speaking about this topic tonight at Riverview with all their creative teams, I can’t wait.)

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