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blank canvas

blank canvas

How often do you sit with a blank canvas in front of you?

Whether it be an empty bowl before baking something from scratch, a blank sheet of paper before you write, a canvas awaiting oil paints, a journal wanting to soak up your thoughts, sitting at a piano awaiting the presence of a melody to form a song, a ball of wool and a crochet hook…

We each have passions awaiting to be expressed.

We each have opportunities that pass us because we are unwilling to create the space and the time to sit in the uncomfortable moment of a blank canvas.

A space of unknowing, a space of fear of the outcome, an uncomfortable place.

It’s so fine and yet so terrible to stand in front of a blank canvas.
Paul Cezanne

We need to sit comfortably in this place of discomfort.

Somedays we just need to allow the paper, the white space, the moment to envelope us and then dive into possibility.

What if we miss that moment?

That space albeit blank can never be recreated. That same mix of emotions, that same weather, that same drink sitting beside the canvas, that same outfit you have intentionally picked out, the song in the background, the smell in the air.

Every moment has possibility to bring something new and fresh.

Sit before a blank page today.

Sit before a blank canvas today.

And just wait.

Something brilliant will happen, if you lower your expectations and allow the opportunity to just surface.



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