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Finding our crown


Recently I was in the city with my little family and a piece of street art caught my attention.

I’m not sure if it was designed with this interpretation, but in a fleeting moment this is what it shouted at me.

Every one of us has a shadow of ourselves following us. We all walk a fine line between our brilliance and our darkest selves. Sometimes though a step towards our brilliance is placing our crowns on and reminding ourselves of what we were created to be.

A friend of mine posted this on an Instagram account we share called kinwomen;


This picture and profound words really hit a chord with our followers and was reposted many times.

Have you forgotten your heritage?

Have you forgotten that which you were destined for?

Have you allowed the darker version of yourself to take over and dismissed that which is good?

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that we were designed with purpose. We were designed with intention. We were designed with uniqueness. We were designed.

Full stop.

It is that design that we need to remind ourselves of and restore that crown back to its rightful place.

I’m not a princess warrior type, but the street artist moved me.

What does this piece of artwork say to you?

Explore it with me today?


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