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A beautiful mess

beautiful 2

beautifulbeautiful mess one

The ambience, the mood, the arrangement of belongings is all very important to me when I start to create.

I want to sit down at an organised desk, a cafe hidden in the corner or in a space that is just right. Airy, light, a soft hum of good music and a cup of good coffee.

In a perfect scenario every bit of housework is done, a candle is lit and then I can start the creative project I am working on.

Enter real life.

These days that scenario never happens.

I am learning to create amongst the beautiful mess.

It doesn’t become an excuse not to clean or spend time sorting but I am learning that in a family of soon to be four, there will always be washing, there will always be dishes, I will find helicopters in my handbag and it makes me secretly smile.

I am learning to embrace the messiness.

Every time I think I have a routine down, my husbands roster changes and my son goes through a growth spurt.

Every time I sigh, glad to see the sink empty of dishes another plate lands there that was forgotten from a back room.

Every time I smile longingly at the bottom of the washing basket, a new load of old gym clothes surfaces from the back of the car.


It is messy.

But it can be beautiful.

How do we live inspired in the muddle of the mess?

How do we take a deep breath and not respond out of haste?

How do we find time to refresh and recalibrate?

This is my pursuit.

This is my desire.

To capture life at its fullest, yet to live authentically honest about the firetrucks I find under my carpet, that sting my feet.

This is why I write, this is why I search, this is why I come back here each day.

To continue to look for inspiration in the midst of the ordinary.



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