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I am a words person through and through.

One of my great friends, who is my mentor, a fellow author and all round brilliant person, drove down to our shack today and we spent the day with tea, a storm and a two year old.

The sun may have been hiding behind the clouds, but one thing we were not short on was words.

Simple story telling words.

Deep wisdom filled words.

Funny tale type of words.

Dreaming kind of words.

Encouragement into our future kind of words.

We spoke for hours on end and I promise you there was not one word spoken about another in comparison. There was not one word spoken that pulled other writers down or other creatives compared too.

We spoke words of life.

These are my favourite days.

There is nothing more discouraging for me to walk away from a conversation full of gossip, talking about others and tearing people apart.

I honestly abhor it.

It leaves me feeling dirty.

I am no saint.

I need to count the cost of my words often.

But I want to be thrifty with my words, knowing that they build both life and death.

I want to live a life of encouragement, truth and beauty.

I have been thinking about these words of late and the way that I handle my relationships.

Truthful; honest… not filling my conversation with over the top untruthful flattery. Being real, being authentic, being truthful. Not saying things that I don’t mean, just to make the person like me. Careful Truthfulness. I am over flattery.

Gentle; more vulnerable…As a leader I want to be gentler with those around me and also mostly myself.

Fearless; Stepping away from people pleasing…I want to be a person who is Brave in my conversations, fearless of people and okay with who I am. Reminding myself that I am enough. I am sick of trying to impress others with my words. I want to be truly authentic.


What are your words for this season?

Let us be a people that choose our words carefully.

Speak tomorrow




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