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chocolate cake kind of mornings

chocolate cake

chocolate cake 2This morning I woke up remembering that tonight is the last speaking engagement I have before Miss V comes to town.

I had a radio interview this morning and I have a mentoring appointment over lunch, marking my last official day of engagements pre- birth.

I remember a few weeks ago when I thought I would never make it to this day.

I remember being in so much pain from a dislocated hip, that even standing up was difficult.

Here I am today, embracing my little moments and I decided to make a chocolate cake to celebrate.

My life has changed so much over the last couple of years and every bit of it, the hard parts and the exciting new chapters have been worth it.

No big goodbyes from work colleagues, no wonderings about what next…

Just me, my little man and a chocolate cake.

Letting go of my career and starting again with some new projects was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but on the other side I could not be happier.

Isolation in our little beach side shack, away from coffee’s and cake with colleagues, long lunches and little office celebrations has been something I have had to get my head around.

In some way though, I feel like I am now located in this new season, so comfortably.

To celebrate, Maximus and I baked a chocolate cake.

We often need to make the ordinary special, just because we can.

Somedays we just need to celebrate the little things, for not much reason at all, I think I have arrived in a new space, just in time for it all to be upturned again with a new little personality in the mix.

chocolate cake 3

“A party without cake is just a meeting”
Julia Child


Love it.


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