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I am learning the power of presentness lately.

What it means to be truly present.

I have been reading Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford and this one page really impacted me when I read it today

Today let me appreciate.

I fail to appreciate the feeling of her small body in footy pyjamas until she suddenly outgrows them and declares ‘I want regular ones; ones that don’t have feet.’

Today let me appreciate the perfect size and shape she is right now, today, in this moment…

Today let me appreciate this child.

I fail to appreciate those odd mannerisms that drive me crazy until we are separated for a time, and suddenly I long to hear one of those silly quirks. Today let me appreciate the gum chewing, the knuckle cracking, and even the humming, because when I hear these things I know I am in the company of my love.

Today let me appreciate my husband.

I fail to appreciate the richness of my life until I walk down the busy street and see sadness in the fringes, those empty hands, empty eyes, and empty souls.

Today let me appreciate the fact that I have known love in my life and let me share it with one who has not.

Today let me appreciate the value of spreading kindness.

I fail to appreciate the wrinkles, the bulges and the sags until I reflect on all that I have endured to be where I am today.

Today let me appreciate each beautiful memory of my life that is etched across my face and body.

Today let me appreciate the positive value of growing older.

Today let me appreciate the sun, even when it is behind the clouds.

Today let me appreciate the goodbyes, even if it is not our last.

Today let me appreciate the goodness, even if I have to dig a little to find it.

Today let me appreciate the gifts in the mundane, ordinary moments that are graciously given to me. Because even though they’re far from perfect and sometimes they are messy and hard…these are the moments that make up a lifetime.

And for this anything but small miracle that is my life. I am thankful.

Page 85/86 from Hands Free Mama.

This page all about living in the moment and being grateful for small mercies changed me today.

What have you read today that impacted you?



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