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Small sacrifices


Tuesday mornings are full of music, dance, laughter and long walks on the beach.

Today I decided I won’t say yes to anyone else except my family on tuesdays.

Today, I am so grateful I didn’t go back to work, even though sometimes this decision drains me. When hands grab at my hair, clothes, buttons, shoes and ears.

Moments that I will never forget, the days when I say goodbye to nappies, teething and tantrums.

Lately I have been overwhelmed at the blessings that come when I make small sacrifices.

Silent revelations.

Mummy moments.

Decisions to say no to that which distracts and yes to what is important.

Thinking about them being little and celebrating these small moments.

Letting go of all the obligations and really trying to be thankful.

Small sacrifices.

Being quiet, when all I want to do is speak my mind.

Saying Thankyou, when I really don’t have the time.

Laying down my phone, when all I want to do is scroll.

Asking questions about others, rather than being consumed with myself.

Small sacrifices.

They truly make a day, that has the capacity to just flow into another, beautiful.








These are what make up a life.

These are the memories that mark my children’s perceptions of their Mum.

Thankyou, whoever is reading this today, for the small sacrifices you have made to prefer another.

This is the glue that holds our community together.



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