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she is free


Yesterday afternoon we sat together as group of girls, new friends, old friends, acquaintances, best friends and chatted together whilst watching the sun set over a wedding celebration.

These conversation made my day; new friends, stories swapped, difficulties shared.

Actually it has made my week.

How many times do we come away from a conversation with a group of women and feel anything but free?

Imagine this; a group of girls, glasses of wine in hand, chatting away and the result authentic stories filled with truth.

Gossip, criticism, comparison and competition doesn’t have to be the norm.

A group of women can listen, encourage, collaborate, plan, care, speak truth, share stories…

It is possible.

Freedom is at its best in my world when I am not comparing and competing with another.

My friend Karina you see, she is brilliant.

She is a leader, a wife, an outstanding program manager. She communicates fluently, she is innovative, she is wonderful. We spent the day together yesterday. Her man and mine. As couples we sat quietly reading, waiting, loving, chatting and not once did I feel inferior. Not once did I compare myself to her bright red dress and lips to match.

We are free.

Great, solid friends, where our time together is light, easy, fun.

We don’t live in each others pockets but we love to lead together.

Friendship filled with purpose.

The most beautiful reflection of how freedom can reign in friendships between women.

Have you ever felt really unsure about the whole friendship in the women zone?

I know it can be difficult.

I know you have probably been hurt.

I know we can do it better.

I know comparison and competition doesn’t need to be at the forefront of our conversations.

I know this, because I have seen it in action.

We can be free,




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