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Want to be happier?


This morning as I walked the bay with my two little companions, I watched a very old man, take his dogs for a walk. He made my morning. He was quirky, he had his hat on backwards, he had a style that was telling anyone who noticed that he didn’t give a rip what anyone else thought of him.

He had embraced his unique and I assumed he is old enough to not to care at all.

You see the man who changed my morning was driving a bright red dingy boat, just a couple of metres off the shoreline, while his two dogs pounded the beach.

With a wave and a hello, I watched him trace the shore with his dogs in his boat, he was running his own race.

This short little encounter got me thinking how much we worry about what others think of us, especially in the arena of creativity and business.

A little idea, a lot of courage and as we put our ideas out there, we are so worried that we may stand on someone else’s toes.

We worry that someone might criticise, we worry that someone may not like, we worry that someone thinks we have copied their idea.

Lately I am becoming more aware of how important it is for me to run in my own lane.

Not to look to the left or the right.

Not to worry about what others think.

That I need to be true to the very essence of who I am and the passions I am developing in my life and stop caring so much about what others think.

What would you do if you weren’t so afraid of others?

What would you try if you didn’t cater to the crowd assessing?

What opportunity would you take up if you stopped worrying so much?

We will never get today back again and some seasons of our life we just need to look straight ahead, don’t look to the left or right and have a big fat go.

Do you want to be happier?

Then run your own race and stop worrying about what everyone else is thinks.





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