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Sometimes life is just hard work.

the pond

Coming back to reality after a week down south and a beginning of the year full of special trips has been a little overwhelming.

Saying goodbye to Charls parents was really hard, living a life where grandparents live overseas is difficult but a journey many have to walk.

My little Libby has grown 8 teeth this month, 6 of which came in one week, so our sleep is broken and restless.

My little man Max has his four year old molars coming through even though he is only just over three.

Teething, Saying Goodbye, the cold winter air has just made me a little uninspired this week.

I am so grateful for the unbelievable experiences I get, but I’m also tired.

Can you be tired and happy, feel completely grateful and sad all in one morning?

I think so.

Seasons of grief and seasons of happiness often come all at the same time.

When you are desperately wanting something so bad that it grinds your soul and then someone close to you gets that very thing you are desperate for.

You are happy for them and the milestone that has developed in their life and at the same time you are deeply mourning the development of this same reality of not getting what you desire in your life.

Sometimes life is just hard work.

We can be happy and sad in one sentence.

We can be grateful but still disappointed at a loss at the same time.

A little thought that has been floating through my quiet time is this…

I am very rich.

Not financially (although if in comparison to the global picture in fact I am.)

Not in my possessions, with a mansion, cars not needing a service, boats and things.

Not because of the fashion that hangs in my cupboard.

I am rich because of the friends I hold dear, the experiences that make up my memories, the opportunities that keep on availing themselves.

I am rich.

And although this week has been a little grey and sad.

And although I have many friends going through desperate times.

We are rich, even though we may feel a little poor.

Perspective is a powerful thing my friend.

And sometimes life is just difficult. The best thing we can do is grow with it.

Stretch with it.

Make the season that tries to take us out, be the very one that defines us.

Keep moving forward.

Even when you feel like running away.




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