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she rises

Fremantle, 4th of July

One of my fondest memories from my childhood, was hearing my Mum tinkering away in the kitchen, waking us up slowly with her daily chores. Most mornings, as the cakes for her cafe baked in the quiet hours of the morning, the smell that filled our house was love coupled with hard work.

I was the worst at getting out of bed, but no matter how late we were, my Mum wooed me out of bed with our breakfast and often she just brought it to us in bed. Kisses, hugs, drinks, toast, she has always been a master of the morning. Some might say we were spoilt, but breakfast in bed was her slow way of awakening us to the day. A drink of orange juice, a plate with vegemite on toast, my Mum is a nurturer who lives her days serving others.

Proverbs 31: 15 says this about wisdom and a woman of worth…

She’s up before dawn, preparing breakfast for her family and organising her day.

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible at waking up. I stumble to the coffee machine, I throw the covers back over my head and I struggle.

One thing I am learning though, the way I start the day, really affects the way it finishes.

The more organised I am, the more I prepare, pray and begin in peace, the better my day goes all round.

My Mum, goes to mass every morning. She sits, she reflects, she meditates, she prays.

Before the light of morning has even risen, she has sat in reflection for a whole hour.

Wisdom comes in the light of reflection,

Wisdom is gained when we make time to let it surface,

and the way we begin every morning truly does change the tone of our day.

My Mum spends her day serving young men and women who are homeless, troubled, difficult and unsure. They only way she has the patience to serve and give endlessly is she rises with a sense of purpose and passion.

She is up early, expectant for the good she can do in the day.

She is waiting for the opportunity to help another.

She is far from retired, she is full of life, hope and endeavour

The main reason I believe that she contributes so effectively is that she rises with purpose.

She plans her days before most of us are even out of bed.

Then most days, she is carrying someone a cup of tea and beckoning them into the beauty of a life lived sown. One of the most inspiring things about my Mum, is that even when life knocks her down and she is tired, thinking she cannot give any more, once again she rises. Early, planning, thinking of ways to help another.

How are your days starting?

Let me tell you mine are far from perfect.

This winter, I am allowing the wisdom from proverbs to shape my days and the way I rise and get about my day makes a huge difference.

How about you?


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