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her flare

her flare

My little twenty month old is gaining personality at the moment by the second. She is shifting from a clingy, wobbly toddler, to a little person who is even starting to choose and refuse what clothes she wants to wear.

She is starting to talk, protest and express herself quite unanimously. I however am finding myself wishing my little, meek baby back.

Whether it be her style, the skip in her step, her unique little flare, I am realising the power of personality even from such a young age. In fact I am realising that the first three years are more formative than I ever gave them credit for, in the foundation we are building for her flare.

I find myself often saying “Libby please be quiet or Libby calm down” but maybe the person who needs to calm their farm is the protagonist. A lot of my nurturing of her somewhat wild nature, echoes from my own experience of childhood, my own wants to fit it, not be different and not be too loud.

She has a leadership flare already.

She has a fire in her belly that is fierce.

She is loud and strong, independent and free, everything we named her with intention.

The problem however is me allowing her freedom to express its height and depth, but still raising a child with respect and kindness. Creative children are wired to break rules. There is something about the innovative personality, that thrives right at the border of boundary.

How could Steve Jobs, have reinvented every part of our today, if he accepted that the way we have always communicated was enough?

Thomas Edison, could never have invented the movie camera to capture our movement, if he believed that photography was the only way.

William Shakespeare and his way with words, Martin Luther with his penchant for justice, Joan of Arc and her scream. The list swells.

Today I have been thinking about the children of these world changers. Were they subdued, were they confined and were they broken in. If any of these titles fit your experience, then I am so deeply sorry.

My question to you today though is this…

What is your unique flare?

If you thought back to your obsessions and quirks as a child, what were they?

There in may lie your answer my friend.

Reignite your flare.

Reinspire your unique.

Reengage that place of passion.

Her flare is not the problem, the opportunity is my perspective.

Happy Thursday dear gang,


2 thoughts on “her flare

  1. Oh my goodness – right to the heart there Amanda. I too am guilty of trying to shush my loud creative child. Thanks for the reminder! Xx

    1. I have been reminding myself everyday of this post lately. What a challenge. To still discipline but not crush their unique. Gosh

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