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one life so many options.

Recently I was chatting with two women whom I respect deeply and one of them said this…

“Amanda I do believe in life you can have all the things that you want to achieve, but the thing that so many of us don’t realise is that they very rarely all come at the same time.”

Do you have a list of things that you want to achieve in this lifetime?

Do you often feel disappointed in the waiting place?

Have you given up on that dream that you have carried for a long time?

I am learning that we have one life, with so many options and the times that we lose significantly is when we believe we can have it all, at the same time. Even recently I found myself telling my friend “I believe you can have it all. I believe it my friend.” Then after I said it I tipped my head and thought, maybe we can’t have it all or maybe we can, but just not all at the same time.

Maybe not and that is okay.

Often I feel in these days of Novice Motherhood that I have let go of many unrealistic expectations of what I thought these days would be. I didn’t realise how much is sacrificed when we teach our children “no”. I didn’t realise how blissful it would be one minute and how out of control it would be the next. I didn’t realise some days I would kiss my babe’s with my nose and breathe in deeply their uniqueness and then others just want space, time and a moment to pee alone.

One lifetime, so many options. How do we choose? How do we stretch into those places of purpose but at the same time, live content in our today? This is the wrestle off my every day and every time I say yes to one of you, I say no to one of my family and it rips me apart. I am aching to live a life of contribution and reinvent what that life looks like but honestly, the wrestle is overwhelming and so deeply satisfying.

I think we sometimes act like we have no options and we are nestled in a corner with no next move. Now for some this may be their truth and it may be a hidden in the corner kind of season, but for most, I believe the options are limitless, I believe our potential is limitless and I believe the purpose for your life is limitless. The thing I am learning, however, is there are seasons of increase, there are seasons of decrease, there are seasons of stretch and there are seasons of letting go and every one of these seasons are full of options.

The problem is the way we approach it. Some of us shrink away and question every move and motive. Others of us hustle our way into the zone until we plant ourselves so firmly in that place that we are unable to let go and move forward.

Today I was thinking and scrolling, praying and seeking and I came across this beautiful prayer…


It stopped me in my tracks. And I breathed deep and let go. Believing that the right things and the right people will come into my life in the right season. And my stanza of this prayer would say…”And when they do, to have the courage to step into the new together.”

What is your prayer today?

I would love to pray it with you and live inspired by your thoughts towards today and your future.

One life, so many options.

And often I believe God is saying to us, you choose.


2 thoughts on “one life so many options.

  1. Beautifully said Amanda. I’m sorry I keep posting comments on your Insta but so much of what you say resonates. I told myself “stop commenting to this lovely lady she is quite possibly sick of my voice” haha but I just had to tell you this piece was lovely and resonated, especially the part about manic one moment, joyous the next, topsy turvey in the very best way, this Mumma gig. So anyway my mantra for life is “look for the silver lining” there has to be an upside to a seemingly downside, doesn’t there, maybe not but I’ll focus on the possible good to be found. I wrote a piece on my blog Livin Lovin Perth called Silver Linings, it has a picture of a sky, (if you would like a read) please don’t read anything else except maybe Stackwood, but that’s it, you probably won’t really like the feel and that’s quite ok, it’s a bit of frivolous joy, I try to inspire people to get out & about Perth. Anyway I just wanted to tell you Thankyou, your writing is inspiring, I’m evolving & I like it, my writing is evolving which I love & it takes so much bravery to write from the heart & you m’lady give me courage to do just that
    Kindest Regards

    1. you never have to say sorry for commenting. I am so encouraged. So much of a writer’s life is isolating and you couple that with being the mum of two small children and you comments are like fresh water. I promise. I just never know how to reply. ha ha without sounding corny. XXOO

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