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Day 4: Write a letter to yourself


4. Write a letter to yourself.

It is time for you to write a letter to yourself.

In my latest book Dear Single Self, I asked a group of 30 women with very different stories to write a letter to themselves. The way we speak to ourselves is powerful. It is funny sometimes we are kinder to everyone else and the way we communicate with ourselves can be extremely toxic.

Today is about loving you. It is about speaking words of life and love over yourself.

Sometimes we are desperate to hear things spoken about our future and the best person, with the greatest insight and knowledge is actually ourselves. The question is are you brave enough to go there?

 It is now your turn. Get out a nice piece of paper. Light a candle. Grab a cup of tea or coffee. Take a deep breath and just start to write.

What is it that you have truly believed about yourself in this journey?

What is it that you need to rediscover again?

Who has influenced you either negatively or positively?

Or ignore all of these questions and just write.

Give someone the letter in an envelope with a stamp on it and ask them to post it to you, whenever they believe the time feels right.

“Loving yourself invites others to love you. Respecting yourself invites people to respect you. It all starts with you.”

Mandy Hale

This series is called Yestember you can find the rest of the posts here. It is all about saying yes this September and doing things that take you out of your ground hog day, of your ordinary life. These segments are from Amanda’s latest book Dear Single Self. Join the fun by searching #yestember and #dearsingleself

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