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Day 30: Go Back and make a plan

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30. Recap: what have you missed?

Go back through all the Yestember dares and see what you have missed.

One may jump out at you.

One you just couldn’t complete back then but now you can.

Look for any patterns that are reoccurring that may be limiting you.

After you have looked through all your dares and your responses to them, write this sentence in your journal:

“I am not old to …”

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

Dont over think it.

What has been taunting you in your subconscious?

You are not too old.

I promise.

Make steps towards finding freedom from that fear and step towards your new day.

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day 29: breathe deep


29. Breathe deep.

Today’s challenge is to go to a Pilates, body balance or yoga class.

Going to a new exercise class and taking time to prefer our health and wellbeing is an amazing way to look after yourself.

A deep breath.

A stretch and release.

Opportunities to forgive.

Moments of gratefulness.

You won’t regret this and your body will smile from the inside out.

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day 28: volunteer


28. Volunteer somewhere.

I was talking to my cousin recently and she was telling me how she had just joined our local theatre group. She is nearly forty and starting a new volunteering activity at her age is such a brilliant opportunity.

One of the best ways to meet new people is by volunteering somewhere.

Doing something together is one of the best ways to make new friends.

Where can you volunteer?

At a local soup kitchen.

A theatre company.

A library reading books to children.

A sports team coaching.

A church programme visiting the elderly.

Go on a trip overseas helping in an orphanage.

The opportunities are endless.

Take time to enrol to volunteer in the community today; you never know who is hanging out just waiting for a new friend.

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day 26: buy a double pass


26. Buy a double pass…

Your challenge today is to buy a double pass to a movie, a theatre show or a sports match.

Choose something and put it up on social media (Instagram, Facebook or the like) that you have a spare ticket going, who would like to come.

A simple challenge that is all about taking time to socialise first and foremost instead of spending another night in front of Netflix.

Mostly though, it is about stretching your frame of reference and opening yourself up to situations that may be uncomfortable.

Hanging out with someone does not mean a marriage proposal.

Stop thinking a date equals future. A date is just that. A space of time that you have booked in your calendar to hang out with somebody else.

Full stop.

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day 25: Talk to Five Strangers

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25. Talk to five strangers

It seems a little silly, but the hardest part to starting a conversation with a stranger is the first thirty seconds.

What if you just needed some practice at meeting new people?

What if a brilliant friendship was on the other side of all that awkwardness?

This is my September challenge for you today.

Go and find five strangers and start up a decent conversation.

I mean a conversation that is beyond shallow.

Start a conversation with strangers and make it less awkward to meet new and interesting people.