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Steady my friend, steady

Better days are coming

“Oh that my steps would be steady, keeping on the course you set!”

Psalm 119: 3-4

Amid change and transition seasons, it can feel like steadiness is as complex as trying to hit the bullseye of a moving target. This season of intense information, pivot and redirection can be so tiring. The lethargy is not because we are running fast and hard, the lag comes from trying to hold steady. The resistance causes a full-body response. When our brain is overthinking, our body responds. When we are making big decisions and holding space for others, our body feels the weight. Tiredness is not just from physical exhaustion it is also from the toll of emotional processing.

Are you holding up the arms of others?

Do you have a backpack full of responsibility?

The tiredness you feel comes from the deep core decisions that are confronting your everyday. We are being asked to show up and make decisions from our centre. The steadiness that requires is like doing a balance class and doing a hundred sit-ups each day. Decisions around work, the safety of our family, future plans without knowing what the world will look like in two years time, the list goes on and on.

I have been having a lot of dreams lately. One reoccurring is of long tunnels that never seem to end and then suddenly they change and I am left feeling afraid. I have also had a reoccurring dream of running a marathon, running, running, running and the finish line seems to never appear.

Then Psalm 119 asks us me to steady.

Oh that my steps would be steady.

Steadiness reminds me of a tree. It’s flexible and moves with the storms but it is planted deep. The beautiful encouragement I have been getting throughout this season from Psalm 119, is that it is a psalm of pilgrimage. We often think that steadiness is about staying still, retreating and hiding from the intensity. Although rest and retreating is a necessity to honour the sabbath and finding our strength again, this psalm encourages us to move forward with small, slow and simple steps.

This is moving towards the course set before us.

This is the beauty of steady, simple steps.

Move forward.

Keep on, keeping on.

Finding the beauty amid the broken, messy places and staying true to the integrity of who you are and the decisions you have made. Although the year 2020 has been a challenging one, it is not over yet. It is a powerful opportunity for us all to press reset and focus again.

Your question for the comment section discussion:

What makes me feel steady?

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