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the pursuit of pleasure

place: Il Cielo

Poison: Coke Zero

Favourite Things: Free Wifi

Ayana, Jimbarian Bay and motorbiking in the rain, three moments of extravagant atmosphere, three places of pleasure.

I think we all get a little scared of pleasure because we believe that it might take us off track and lead us down a dark alley of despair.

However, I think balanced with reflection and discipline, there is nothing wrong with delight, pleasure, ambience and love. In fact I think we deny ourselves way too much and end up in a place of self doubt, decay and boredom.

I am not encouraging over the top voyeurism and consumerism, but I am encouraging you to let go and have some fun, laughing uncontrollably, ride on a motorbike in the rain once in your life it will be thrilling and completely terrifying at the same time.

On the pursuit of a perfect place for writing and contemplation, I convinced Charl to take me to Jimbarian Bay, an adventure and an afternoon we will never forget. Paying $5 australian to hire a motor bike, we chucked on helmets, said a prayer and launched into an afternoon of high risk, writing and reflecting.

I wanted to go to Ayana, the 6 star resort in Jimbarian Bay and my gosh it did not disappoint. We got quite lost, but just kept asking locals for directions, and by the time we got there, my inspiration meter was running high, we sat out on a cliff face, with a lift that takes you to a bar that overlooks the ocean and seriously I thought we were pretty close to heaven.

From the chapel on the cliff, to the service, the overflowing infinity pool, to the $7 coffee, every creative bone in my body screamed pleasure, ambiance and creative explosion.

Then the rain came. And did it come hard.

Getting home on the motor bike, through the freeway, over the rickety bridges, was the end to the day we never planned. We screamed, I prayed, we laughed, I nearly cried…

Home safely, with many pages filled in my journal, pleased as punch.

Pleasure attained.

Holidays I love you


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kindle versus ipad

Place: My Office

Poison: Long Black

Favourite Things: technology…

I have been playing with a kindle and an ipad together and have a new love of technology.

As I play with these two toys, particularly the reading of book functions on them both, there is a part of my heart that feels like I’m having an affair.

Like I have been married to the written word on paper and now I am toying with the possibility of a paperless future.

I’m really unsure how I feel about this. As a writer, as a lover of stationary and all things ink, my heart is a little confused.

I love the thought of new innovation, I love that my travel luggage, which is normally overweight due to the amount of books, will be more appropriate to my bank balance.

But really…my book case, the smell of a new book, my new manuscript that I sent to a designer today…yes AHHHHH!!! Its future as a downloadable item rather than a in your hands, I brought this book feeling.

Im not sure.

So exploration here I come.

Kindle, Ipad or the real deal…not sure who is going to win my heart but the feeling of naughtiness at the potential is quite exciting anyways.



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Place: My office

Poison: Water

Favourite Things: Inside Out Magazine

Well today a parcel arrived! It made me dance, run around the office with a cheeky smile and turn up Jason Mraz single ‘Lucky’…

A confession, I hate terrible wedding bonbonerie (can’t spell them either) gifts…So I wrote to a generic Inside Out Magazine email address, asking if they had any of their 10th anniversary tea towels, with Rob Ryan’s print on them left over that I could buy…It was a long shot, but sometimes there is just no harm in asking…


They gave me 120 of them…I’m so excited…They are perfect for the vibe I am longing to create for my wedding.

Event Management central is in overdrive…I’m excited!!!

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Tiger tiger

Place: tiger tiger

Poison: Long Mac

Favourite things: my new Ipad!!!

I have a new toy!

In fact for my old and faithful readers, I pretty much have a new life…

I wanted to get back into my blog, cause the journey I’m about to embark upon is truly life changing!

I’m getting ready for my long service leave and the plans, not even this creative, emo soul could have planned.

I hope to write another book and also publish the one that’s been sitting in my desktop collecting cobwebs for months…

I’m despamming this blog cranking back up the comments, getting my camera ready, cause a pretty mad journey is about to be documented!


Tiger tiger…

I’m in love!