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blue; when the ocean brings its balm.

“The sea is emotion incarnate. It loves, hates, and weeps. It defies all attempts to capture it with words and rejects all shackles. No matter what you say about it, there is always that which you can’t.” 
Christopher Paolini

I swam from the turquoise shallows into the navy deep. Hoping that each stroke would wash away the discomfort that had become my friend. Somedays don’t need words to describe the myriad of emotion; some days need the multifaceted reflection of the sea.

The sandy beaches I grew up on, escaping school to build sandcastles and dune bunkers have become the balm of healing that my adult heart required.

There is a small black notebook that sits on my bedside. It has been my companion now for near on twenty years. The elastic that used to sit firmly around its cover now hangs loosely from time. A small biro pen drawing denotes a time longer than my body can remember when I drew a simple sketch of the sea and a scribbled note alongside.

“The healing balm of the sea.”

The ocean has not always been a place of healing, since I sat on its shores watching one of my best friends surfboards floating out to sea, saying goodbye to him after his funeral. There are also hidden parts of the beaches that hold secrets and memories; I no longer want to remember.

The sea however in the midst of its memories, has taught me a few lessons that have deeply brought the rhythm of healing into my today.

Yesterday’s tide is just like yesterday’s paper

Yesterday’s paper found on the bottom of pot plants and what is so present and hurtful today can easily be washed away by the tide of a new day. The ocean has taught me in the midst of its endless story, that tides come and go. Despite the pain of what happened in the past, finding a rhythm of letting go and beginning again, is an essential healing place in the arms of the ocean.

Everything you need to survive is in its depths.

We often go out searching for another answer, another formula or someone to rescue our healing. However, as I come close to a decade of living back by the ocean, I realise everything you need found in the depths. Your depth, your story and your capacity is as deep and wide as the ocean that covers the earth. Wide and wavering, everything you need to survive is deep within your soul.

Somedays we need to drop everything and tell no-one and stare off into the ocean

Just like an endless novel, the ocean and its breadth is a secret place of knowing that holds all our conversations deep within its fold. In a culture that is constantly telling us to shout out our worth to the multitudes, the ocean calls us to a place of comfort nestled within the quiet. Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring, all bring different hues and possibility. Somedays we need to run away. Run away to the sea and not tell anyone. Ever. Sit within its chasm. Swim within its endless simplicity and recover.

The story that I began today’s prose with was about the day I swum from the shallows into the dark. I was contemplating the complexity of losing my dear friend way too soon. As I swam so deep that the land was starting to fade, in the midst of unfathomable beauty, a small bright orange monarch butterfly came and sat on my salty nose. I tread water completely perplexed by this baffling contrast within nature and was unsure what to do with its meaning.

I decided not to choose comfort. I decided not to overthink its meaning. I settled on the simplicity of this…

That no matter how far away we try to run. No matter the distance of loneliness and confusion that awakens us at night. We are never too far from the shore, for butterflies to come and land on our nose.

Once again on that obscure summer’s afternoon, I remembered the whisper from the decade before. Pause and reflect on this…

“The healing balm of the sea.”

With the perfect combination of making us feel so very small, wild and blue — all in one glance.

Take me away to the sea. With a sandwich, starfish and maybe a coffee tucked in the side. And let’s tell no-one ever.

(not even Instagram)

Happy sea days, wayfarers.

May the insight you are seeking, find you waiting on the shores of the sea.


Written as a part of the Create: Summer Challenge. Sign up prompts found here.

Week One: Ocean.

Blue, Endless, Starfish, Depth, Story, Summer, Pause.

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Detox from technology: create again

It was a Tuesday morning when I was sitting in peak hour traffic on the freeway. I looked over to the train platform which opened up onto the traffic jam and I was shocked. I looked at a platform full of nearly a hundred people and every person had their heads in their phones except one.

One lonely soul. One woman looking up. Something in me shifted that morning, as I sipped my coffee awaiting the traffic to move again. I decided I needed to make a change in my life around my use of technology. To be completely frank I am a high phone user. Let’s be honest, I battle with my addiction over and over.

I have seasons where I am able to keep it at bay, but then I get stuck again and find myself scrolling aimlessly. The crazy thing is, I am often looking for inspiration.The greatest season of balance I have found in my online life, is when I am focusing myself on producing, rather than consuming.

I listened this year in a profound workshop by Diana Henderson from Life as Art Photography, she talked about the power of limiting our consuming; scrolling, stalking, comparing, contrasting, reading blogs and surfing the web. Replacing it with producing; blogging, Camera Photography, making, creating and community.

A light bulb went on in my mind. Learning again to take my own advice and limiting my screen time to increase productivity and in turn my mental health.

I straight away limited my screen time with fabulous apps. I bought back my social media sabbath and taking on month a year off social media annually. I have been challenging myself in the way I consume online but I hadn’t created momentum around my producing,

Each year I mentor many creatives and I tell them all the time;

“Create a scaffold for your writing, making and creativity”. Write yourself themes and then book yourself a period of time and then find accountability. This is the key to creative projects and productivity.

Then I realised I wasn’t listening to my own advice. My friend Tammy said to me, I want to pull out my camera this Summer, lets put together a challenge.  So I decided each season in 2019 I am going to publish a magazine, to help you and I find our creative mojo again!

Our writing, photography and making prompts are designed to give scaffolding to our writing and social media content.

Here is how the “create” challenge works.

Create: Summer Challenge Prompts Here

  • Download the magazine from here, with 12 weeks worth of prompts to give you one post per week.
  • Once a week, post your creative pursuit on social media with the hashtag #writemakecreate
  • The prompts include a word, colour or image for each week of Summer. So rather than getting lost in a daily challenge, just focus on detoxing from technology and creating one thing each week.

The community here online will support and encourage you!

I can’t wait to see what you create! Let’s inspire one another.

Come and read my blogs publishing each Monday here and let’s get creative together. I truly do believe somebody needs your story!



Create: Summer Challenge Prompts Here