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Living free from obligation

Carrie Smith

Photo by Carrie Smith

When was the last time you said yes to something that you regretted?

When was the last time you said no, knowing that it was good for you?

Obligation is the worst reason for making a commitment to someone or something.

When we feel manipulated, obliged, forced into our decision making, the long term affects of this small moment can be far reaching.

We stay in jobs because of loyalty, we say yes to holidays with people that we knew never would work, we go to events because we should, rather than we want to.


Our whole society is over frustrated by the obligations we stick to and keep, when we really should have said no.

At the beginning of the inspire 15 retreat, we started this way.

You, don’t have to come to anything. Everything is optional.


This is actually the truth, yet we try so desperately to force adults into program shaped boxes, to try and make ourselves feel more secure.

Security does not come from the amount of people at your events.

Security does not come from the amount of followers you have.

Security comes from places like our faith, our family, our friends, our homes and our identity framed by grace.

“Relationships based on obligation lack dignity.”

Wayne Dyer

In fact when we make people feel completely free to make their own choices, they are more likely to respond with gratitude to the opportunities available.

What do you feel obliged to do?

Freedom comes sweeping into our days, when we realise that the obligations we have been carrying around heavily, really don’t have to crowd us in any longer.

Making choices,

Bringing strength,

Letting our yes be yes,

And our no be no,

Can be the most liberating experience.

She designed a life that she loved…

What makes you feel obliged?

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